Among our people can often be found the view that innovative ways recover much more efficient and faster than an ordinary trip to the hospital for an appointment. In proof of this, they often operate on scientific terms that the average person does not have to know. Moreover, often the adepts of alternative viagra do not delve into what they say, but simply try to pay in its belief. To thoroughly understand what you explain these people and not to succumb to their provocation, you need good understanding of physics. Naturally, it is given to very few, and not everyone is generally useful in life or work. However, the basic terms that fraudsters should remember to be fully armed. The most common technique is referenced by sighted people-bioresonance therapy. Supporters of this unconventional method, explain the essence of that by using electromagnetic waves in the body changes cells membranes and even whole bodies in a positive way. Scientists-physics in response, only usmehaûtsâ and argue that it technically buy viagra just impossible even at the level of the store, like most major elements of the body. The problem is that science so far unknown how often they radiate waves, not to mention the cells and membranes. Naturally, without knowing this data cannot be deliberately send correct signal which would have fixed something. Isolated cases of healing this therapy are explained very simply: some biorezonansami however, taking pills and undergo courses of therapy at the hospital, and the other is simply autosuggestion. Another very common technique of untraditional therapy-magnet. Supporters of viagra convince everybody that waves from a particular power magnets improve blood circulation and purify the tissues in our body. For this purpose it is necessary to certain places to hang special magnets and walk with them. But scientists who are versed in this area, argued that any magnet man able to wear on itself very poorly to affect something inside us. Of course, in our blood is a mineral "iron", but this is absolutely not the same steel, which affects the attraction of magnets and, moreover, its concentration is so low that even a drop of blood can be an obstacle for the forces, which have external sources on him. Another obstacle is the fact known from physics that the strength of the magnetic field decreases proportionally to the square of the distance to the source. That is, even a few inches from the strength of the magnet can be equated to zero, not to mention large distances.